Saturday, May 25, 2013

You want honesty right?

Soo. I kinda binged last night. BUT it wasn't crazy, like... Maybe 800 calories. Once again, not bummed out. This is why the thought of overeating even occured. I went shopping last night with a friend and swear to God we went to 3 different locations in 3 hours and I barely found ONE outfit that looked decent. Well, its cute but it would look turnt up IF I was a little thinner. I was exhausted so I got a light jamba juice with spirulina. Yumm. I had a good attitude through it all. I knew I was far from where I needed to be so I chose not to be negative. There I applaud myself. And I felt as if I was recieving a legitmate workout walking around... Trying on like a billion outfits.  But all the effort it took to find one good combination caused us not to want to go out anymore.  When I got home my bro was eating Taco Del Mar and I think I was slowly opening the door to my 'fuck its' syndrome. Lol, I rationalized that ill just eat whatever, I don't give a shit but I did eventually catch myself. The 'fuck its' are a retarded way that I let myself give up momentarily. It's just dumb, and I need to try to stick to my process regardless of a let down, or whatever emotional change. I need to keep going and stay focused in general. I binged on fat free refried beans with cheese, one slice of daves killer good seed bread, 2 fat free string cheeses,and a Apple. Not terrible in my eyes. All the foods were healthy, and without the addition of empty calories from alcohol. Soo...

I'm winning:P Today is going great, I skipped breakfast and had about 350 cal lunch. And ill just chill on dinner. Plus, I will be hitting the gym for a one hour Zumba class. It should be fun. I'm trying to do 600 calories total and like 200 net cals or less after I workout.

Turn up,

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