Monday, May 27, 2013

The Fame

I got to go, I've got responsiblities I've got to take care of...
That's when you wrap the legs around me and I fall victim to that lazy love.

Obviously, I'm ready for some of that good good. Damn. I can't wait for someone special. If you treat me well ill treat you better.

Today is Memorial Day over here in the states, and yes I have to work.
I was so faded yesterday. Ohhh God. Pretzels and coffee is a lovely collaboration. I shall be starting school June 24th if my financial aid clears. I will know for certain no later than Friday. I realize its time to get the ball rolling in a positive direction. My future starts the day I begin college. I want to become a doctor, a radiologist specifically. So yes, community college-> university-> medical school-> residency -> $300,000 :$ Ayyeee.

I'll probably post once more to let ya'll know how I'm doing. I forsee today being a great day.

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