Thursday, May 23, 2013

Surfs up

I find that everything in my life is pretty chill. I'm tired a bit, I want to curl up and sleep.. but a beautiful thing is slowly happening. When I wake up I can feel my bones aching a little bit, my body is trying to pull into itself. Instead of expanding from food I am compacting. It's wonderful. It's the strangest thing though. A silent reminder that Im doing something right. And I don't feel stressed.. all in all I'm just riding the wave and learning to enjoy hunger again. I'm learning to manage my calories so I won't feel airheaded but still not eat to much. And I'm NOT beating myself up. I have no idea why things are different this time around but I have no complaints.

Update: I was super tired as the day wore on. Like the last 5 hours of my shift was hell. I had a apple, a couple pieces of candy, and 2 cups of coffee to help me press on. It's funny now that I'm off from work I feel fine, not nearly as drained or hungry. I assume its all in the mind. I'm not sure where Im at calories wise because mfp is being acting like a basic bitch. I guess 600 or so. Not tripping.

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