Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Go lover, make mama proud. && when were done I just want to feel your hands all over me baby..

Ayee the freak within is someone super trill. And you know what I like? That I don't have it all figured out. I'm not sure which sex I want more or what exactly I'm supposed to be doing with myself.

It's funny the things that turn me on. Sincerity is real sexy. Calmness is hott. A bit of aggression is always good.

Soo today let's see here.. food wise it has been minimal. I had 2 apples,
Last night however I ate like shiit. *flips hair*
I'm not even hungry. I called the college I want to attend to see if they accepted my request for financial aid and oh hell yes they did. Amen to that. *Churrch*  haha

The air is changing. The universe is spreading its love all over my intentions. Thank you. I will be skinny, I will not hide behind food because I'm afraid to be my best me. I was always to afraid of those I like hating on me because I was shining. So I would down play myself, get inside my head and talk all that negative nonsense.

I deserve happiness. I deserve to have what I desire. Damn this bus smells terrible! Like wet dog, goddamn! Either your down for me or your not. I will make it with or with you.

Yes I'm Gymming right now, then ill hit the sauna. I've been breaking out something crazy. I cant with all of that.

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