Sunday, January 1, 2012

YOLO. What are you doing with your life?

SY+SM=<3 dia cinco;

Oh myy, so much is happening. Its 2012 dolls!<3 and I couldnt be happier. I may not be the hottest, skinniest girl at my college, but I know that im sincerely trying to be the best me. Thats all I could expect of myself. Of course, I want to prove to my family that I have discipline, but mainly loosing weight is a personal endeavor. I already feel a bit lighter and the confidence associated with positive changes is undeniable. My first weigh in is soooon! 3 more days til the scale tells me my hard work translated in lb loss. And like stillimagining, I know it will move. My food intake has changed dramatically. Just today I said 'no' to a huge delicious veggie buritto. The the tortilla alone would have knocked me up 300+ calories.. I dont need a 1000 calorie food baby to carry around. And the all that mind consuming guilt...

I havent done perfect though, last night I had a piece of pizza, the smallest one I could find. But I did a extra workout to burn it off... Lol and I finnished right before the count down. Happy new year everyone!:) Next year I would love to actually be there in New York, feeling fabulous and free for 2013. I would deserve it:D The more I think about my skinny self, the more evident it is that dreams do come true. But only for those who put a plan into action. Action makes words purposeful. I want to inspire and I want us to progress together. Impossiblities are self mandated. You have the ablity to be, to create any world you desire.
For my next 5lbs lbs im starting Jan 4th and I would like them lost by the Jan 14. Not a lot of time? That just means we must work harder!  10 days to loose 5lbs, .5 lbs a day.. Not too bad I think. I would love for you all the join in, multiple effort motivates all involved. Skinny You:Skinny Me=<3. We must push ourselves to be amazing. Im not stopping til I hit 110lbs and I have a ways to go but I AM NOT DISCOURAGED:), its a challenge worth taking head on.

Enjoy life, make some resolutions, but most importantly do what it takes to manifest happiness in your life. I love you guys, ill be rooting you on all year.

Life is awesome, its the first day of month, the first month of the year. What are you going to do with your 2012?

Ps. Yolo= you only live once

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  1. You have a good attitude girl! <3