Monday, January 2, 2012

Simply put.

To say im at peace would be a understatement. The workout went well without a hitch, got a lil distance running on the treadmill 5.5 speed for 30 mins. It felt good to go at a constant speed for once, instead of interval with incline. Burnt like 1000+ cals today, kinda fasted til 6. I ate about 250 calories, so id say today was a good day.
Black coffee is my friend, it works soo well.

I have nothing extremely interesting to report. I took body photos today, omgosh its such a real moment. Like.dammmn, thats my body, thats me on camera.

Yeahh, a lot of working out is in order. Clothes sure do cover up alot, and, makeup disguises us. Its wild when you strip down to the basics,  seeing whats actually there. Im glad Im not a slave to makeup anymore. I thought I looked hideous without it. Well not hideous, but not pretty. My imperfections were on display and I felt vulnerable.

Good luck to everyone. Change will come when your ready.


  1. ooh GREAT JOB!!! Thats awesome! 1000+ calories and only eating 250! Keep it up girl! ur gonna see the weight drop forsure!!!

    Thanks for ur wonderful comments! Ur such a support & sweetheart! rly comforted me so much:) stay strong<3

  2. amazing job. oh my god. just amazaing, lovely. <3 *kisses cheek* you will drop the weight off so quickly!!! and i can't go on the treadmill with an incline of 5.5 for 30 minutes. hell, 15 minutes on an incline of 4.5 is enough to keep me panting. xD. damn myself.
    -Sam Lupin

  3. Wow, that's super amazing. You have inspired me to get up and go exercise today. You're awesome. Stay strong <3