Friday, January 13, 2012

Lake Girl

Watch "Mary Kate Olsen - LifeStyle" on YouTube

Watch "Thinspo- Nicole Richie" on YouTube

Ive been on a major thinspo binge. I.miss watching video thinspo and ive become obsessed as of today with: Nicole Richie, Kate Bosworth, Victoria Beckham (cliche but I dont care, VB is fierce!), and Mary Kate Olsen. Im Trying to mentally prepare for where I need to be. What I must do. I see now that I must not eat. Anything. Liquid fast and 1hour workout. Im not going to put a timeline on the fast, but I do remember fasting for 13 days one time in my life. I want to shoot for that or longer. Shrink my stomach and increase my will power because as of late, its been beyond weak and ive been miserable because of my bad choices.

I kind of wish I didnt have to go to school so I could solely focus on being skinny. But now I have to exceptionally intelligent, competent and skinny. Not saying I cant, but it would be easier to tackle one hurdle at a time. That would be peachy when I think about it: skinny and feeling decently secure. I would be comfortable with my amount of eating and exercise. Id have a good routine, maintaining my skinny and the ablity to make it look effortless. Id walk into that college ready to highlight every chapter and disect aerodynamics. I would be open to learning Bernoulli's principle in conjuction to high pressure and low pressure's affect on flight. Here we go world, im going to be this "go girl", who handles new challenges with stride. Thats me 2012 and on.

«i have this whole new perspective on when scary skinny Nicole Richie happened. I think she wasnt aware of where she had gotten to. All she knew was she did not want to be labeled as "thick" or "healthy" anymore. She was probably running from that even though she had been out of the league 15+ lbs ago. But her being that skinny took unbelievable strength. So yes, its disturbing but at the same time I applaud her and im sure she applauds herself. She pushed it beyonddd the limit and was like      "what up world? Fuck what you say I am. I am what I made me to be. Thanks bitch. Now that I feel like it, im going to go eat a salad and gain a lil meat back. But only because I feel like it. I lived the impossible, I transformed.» And I say, "you go bitch! Im loving the chic comeback."

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