Saturday, January 7, 2012

Diet Pills.

Hey hey girls, ive come along way from bingeing. Today was a success, I ate about ... 650 or so in calories which im very proud of. I got a moderate workout on 600 cal burn.
Today I went out shopping for a scale, ohh the number it told was scary so im going to try it some time to get adjusted to living in my house, and see if its feeling better tomorrow morning.

I MUST be bloated lol. Ha;) so im feeling nervous about this weigh in cause my food intake the past 3 days has been out of control. I took it upon myself to buy some diet pills, zantrex 3. Ive taken diet pills once before when I was 16, Stimereux I believe it was called but those made me so jittery that I quit them. This is my first day and I feel fine and energized. Hopefully they work, im in a crunch the 14th is 6 days away... Ahhhh. Lol imma try my best, I set high goals for myself because I want to work on my discipline. I want to work well under pressure, not crack. Send some positive energy my way. Its going to be some major bootcamp living til weigh in.

Zantrex dont fail me now.

Good luck everyone, we all mess up but we all must want to stop the madness, and just be sickening. Haters are going to hate, so lets give them another reason.;P


  1. yayy!!! Good job hun! And don't worry about the scale, theres so many reasons for a misrepresented number like period bloat, constipation, water retention, food weight etc etc. good luck w/ the diet pills!!! Stay strong<3

  2. 650 and burning 600?! that's a net of 50. that's amazing!
    it can be a number of reasons for why the number is so high. for me, i'm now so constipated that i gained, but i know that's not true because my inches are still the same. try inches. but if you're bloated, don't ever measure yourself. when you're bloated, don't do a thing but if you're positive that you haven't gained and the scale is saying otherwise - then the measuring tape is your best friend. *my current dilemma*
    6 days. wow. really? the 14th seems so far away though! for me, my 14th goal was something around losing 1,4lbs from 154,4, which was 152,9, which i did. but now, i'm so constipated i'm back up to 154,8. i'm taking a few laxxies and my intake has been fabulous so far.
    <3 ahahaha.
    haters are bitches.
    good luck with the diet pills. :)
    -Sam Lupin

  3. Wow, that's so amazing! I wish I could burn 600 in a day. I normally burn around 100-200. I'm so busy with school and family that I often don't have time to find more ways to burn. I need a treadmill/exercise bike thing. One or the other. I've been doing crunches like crazy and my stomach hurts so bad, in that good way hehe. Yay for the floor where there is always one and it's free.
    Stay strong <3

  4. I'm so glad to hear that you're not binging! Great job burning off the 600 calories aswell. You are doing great!
    I hope the pills work but be careful when you get off becuase you will gain some weight back when you get off of them.
    Be careful and don't get hurt.