Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bob Harper or Dolvet?

So im sitting here feeling a little too full, only on healthy food but still. Fullness is starting to bother me, its an indication that I over did it. Like maybe I didnt eat slow enough, I should have waited 20 more minutes til I ate more. And theres two types of full- content and energized (this one I like), then theres full enough to feel it in your tummy... Just kind of sitting there (what I feel right now). Ewww..

Anyways, so I ate almost 700 cals which makes me feel indifferent especially since I have weigh in tomorrow. (fingers crossed! xD) five lbs had better be minused off my body. Ive been trying so hard. Ill let yall know with a mini blog before noon. I got a decent workout on 880 cals burned, I just hate how much I sweat. Its insane, like my butt sweats through my sweats lol which is embarassing but I dont even care, skinny or die. Fuck everything else.

The biggest loser is on. Very Good show, these people are worked to the bone, past all the limits they allowed to define their lives. Its a beautiful thing, if these people who are like 400 lbs with medical conditions that can limit their mobility decide to stop their crazy obsession with food and fight for their livelihood then I can too. Im willing to fight for the woman that expects so much out of herself, and subquently others. Which isnt healthy for me, so ill just push myself to live the impossible. I wish Dolvet or Bob would be my trainer and possibly a life coach. It would make life's journey a little less shocking, but expected.

170 lbs or less tomorrow, thats me.


  1. I hate that feeling! My happy "full" is when I feel space in my stomach for more but leave it because I can live off less. I hope you reached it! I'm SURE you did ^_^

  2. I hate being full. I'd rather feel hunger and just not eat at all. I could be fasting all the time if it weren't for family and friends.

    You can do it girl!

  3. i know that type of full. i learn that even if i have 140 calories of soup i will feel that way. i can practically still feel the soup in my stomach and it's been - what? *counts* 4 hours? but the good thing about that is that we girls wait until we feel hungry again. <3
    if it's veggie-full, which i also know, then believe me, the minute you go to the bathroom is the minute you start feeling hungry again. for me, i used to eat oatmeal every morning, but go to the bathroom like one or two hours after. that leaves me feeling empty and hungry again, despite the amount of oatmeal i would have! strange, right?
    i hope you see less than 170. i'm with you in spirit. my weigh-in is tomorrow as well!
    -Sam Lupin
    PS. don't eat too late. i'm eating before 8:30-9:00 so it doesn't skew up my weight!