Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I took some juicy body pictures of myself this morning. I figure ill take some every Tuesday to track my progress. Yeah I know ive got thighs, butt and belly for days. Well the belly is mainly flat just not skinny, ive been told my body is decieving. Id say its proportionate, which is probably why ive let things get so out of hand. Definately not bikini ready, ive actually never worn one but summer 2012 -that all changes.

Wont it be ever so splendid to have those hip bones say hello before Ive uttered a word?
Skinny skinny skinny skinny, I cant wait.
Hey, so it would be in your best interest to peep this video. Unbelievable flacas (skinny girls) on camera, plus the song isnt half baked:)
Watch "Metronomy - The Bay" on YouTube

Didnt you love it? Oh yesssir. Thank you ladies for your comments, I promise im down for your skinny future. Instead of succumbing to pressure remember this, "life is the ocassion, rise up". Inspire me as I long to do the same. Skinny isnt easy, but choosing to be your best never is. Mediocre is the norm, but who really wants to be average? Personally I strive to be set apart, which means im lonely but rather magnetic. I choose to associate with individuals not clones.

Now I do have to say breakfast went.horribly. I ate... Enough to know I wont be eating anything else today. I ran to the bathroom to relieve my sudden panic. Nothing but mucus would come up, fucking turkey. Lmao. Im not even that mad, just observant of my habits. I woke this morning feeling paranoid about food. Debating whether I should fast, or eat. The anxiety made start with coffee to kill my taste buds perhaps.. But I wondered back into the kitchen and shit went down. Probably 700 calories give or take. If I had spread this out I would have better off.

My observation and conclusion:
Well, 1. If im fasting it needs to be premediated. One day notice.
2. When I watch tv and eat alone I eat more. No more tv while eating because im not focused on those sneaky bitch calories.
3. Purging is not good and im not good at it. I need to stop my bullshit.

Today I will workout twice, omg if youve never heard of Jackie Warner I recommend you get her workout dvd and some 5lb weights. She works out every body part in sections, you will feel tender days after one workout. Muscle tone is vital to burning calories all day. Anyway ill be doing that then hit the gym. Take some cleansing pills so I relieve myself in a normal fashion at the end of the day:P

"she got a light skin friend, look like Michael Jackson... Got a dark skin friend, look like Michael Jackson." -kanye, slow jamz.

Ladies music is my life. Let us all strive to fix our mistakes. All we can do is strive to do better. The universe will reward you<3

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  1. Love this!
    It is nice to see you so positive!
    You can do it!
    We all can. :D
    Have a great day!
    Stay positive, stay beautiful. <3