Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Keep fighting whats outdated.

SY+SM=<3 Dia Uno;

Breakfast went shitty. Idk why I feel so anxious in the morning. I lay there thinking about what to eat. 'Am I strong enough to eat without over doing it? I can have coffee.. A apple, some eggs,... No you shouldnt eat, your too fat to eat, you dont have control.. You need to loose weight girl, you know how you are' Then I drift into that kitchen and start picking out all kinds of foods I could eat, while snacking on whatever. Then before I know it ive eaten close to 1000 cals in like a hour. That is so nasty. Why do I do it? Then im like okay no more for the rest of the day, the fatty in you won. But actually that heffa lost!

Oh yeah miss anavida counteracted that chubby lil girl inside by getting an epic workout on. This is it:
40 mins elliptical interval training   lv: 8 &13,burned:420 cals
10 min bike machine lv: 5, burned: 45 cals
15 mins elliptical interval with same levels, burned: 150 cals
25 mins treadmill interval training incline:5, sp: 3.9 and 5.7-6.0 with same incline. Burned: 300 cals

I came home and got my Jackie Warner workout on for 40 mins. Id say thats atleast a 200 cal burn.
Grand total: 1115 cals burned:))

Im Soo happy! I didnt purge and take the easy way out. I went ahead and made my body cry me a river of sweat. I could not stop sweating! A blessing but I was not looking cute. Haha more like a hot mess! But whatever, it had to be done.
Im loosing this 5lbs, thats the only religion im practicing.

The chubby externally joyful but unsatisfied child I was has to know I am not that woman. Ive grown older, done adult things, I have to deal with lifes obstacles in an adult way. Its been past time to "get it together... that ugly duckling grew up to be a swan"- India Arie
I recommend seriously listening to India, shes soulful. She can help you want to move past the hurt.

Good luck to my ladies Jt and Ell. Once we loose 5lbs lets go in for another, deal? Anyone that wants to join please do. Put the pressure on yourself to live up to your potential.
Lovers you Ell<3

Lovers all you ladies, keep pushing yourself. Im here if you need some love. I struggle too, I need you too.

Tomorrow morning im going to listen to Telepopmusik -breathe. "another day, just believe, just breathe.."

Alls calm, alls correct, alls pleasant.


  1. Gud job w/ the workout! lol glad to know im not the only obsessively exercising person on here haha<3 stay strong! We know u can do this! I'll join in on the 5lbs!

  2. Yayyy! Were team skinny:) skinny you+skinny me=<3 all dayyyy! Lmao
    yoo, hell yeah working out makes your skin look so radiant especially after the sauna. I feel you on the vitamins, im going to fast tomorrow but once the 4th hits then im back on my vitamin game. Since you you work so much you should take some whey protein its low in cals and has like 20+ grams of protein. It will help you lean out. Okayy later girl, your going to rock tomorrow:)

  3. Wow, epic!
    Well done!
    I wish I could have days like that.
    Maybe someday when I have more workout options at my disposal. :)
    I hope you have a great day!
    Stay positive, stay beautiful. <3

  4. Wow, what an awesome day! That's amazing ^_^ Keep up the good work. I'll lose five pounds with you :D Let's do this!

  5. the anxiety - as it cripples us, is the worst feeling in the world. >_< fuck it.
    i have this ability to eat when i cook as well, or when i go downstairs for coffee. i think the best thing ever is just opening your cell and writing down an actual list of what your safe foods are. trust me - i know what my safe foods are. i'm so good at ignoring every thing else as i reach for my oatmeal. if you focus on eating eggs, then eggs will only appear to you when you open the fridge :')
    ^__^ that's AMAZING. you go, girlie! <3
    good luck on your 5lbs, ladies!
    -Sam Lupin