Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Skinny you+Skinny me=<3

Thanks to the lovely princess perfection, ive set a goal to drop 5lbs by the 4th. And I feel truly good about it. Its better to have some short term goals so ill have reasons to stay hungry. (unintentional pun;) So ill have reasons to keep loosing weight, to not binge, to respect myself. My confidence is about to surpass all odds, all embarassing moments because ill be making the progress that many fail to attempt. JOIN ME!

IF YOU WANT TO LOOSE HOWEVER MUCH BY THE 4TH LET KNOW. IM GAME. WE CAN CHECK IN WITH EACHOTHER WHENEVER... Lol okay im done being a weirdo. Haaha im just very excited if you cant tell:)

But who do you want to be?
Skinny and accomplished vs. bloated and disgusted

-take your pick.
I cant wait to show you guys what ive got<3


  1. I will definitely join you in losing 5lbs by the 4th! It'll be difficult, but we can do it! <3

  2. Yes I would love to do this with you! It would be nice to lose 5lbs by my birthday :D

    That should put me around 170-171. Only 1-2 lbs away from my original goal of 169 but that's close enough for me! Count me in. I'll be juicing most of my meals. Good luck you guys!

  3. Btw, we are the same weight and have the same GW. Yay :) I'm following.

  4. Yeah doode your vegan! How is that going? That might be the edge I need to drop these lbs. I dont really eat meat much but for the holidays ive been turning to turkey. Lol im more of a beans and almonds girl, but I do have a weakness for boiled eggs;)