Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I win.

My belief: "once youve painted one you can paint millions more."
Today has been lovely other than the fact I ate steamed veggies and pasta sauce.. And a couple spoonfuls of potatoe salad.. And like 2 handfuls of almonds. Dammn. Lol the first day of the fast went perfect, had one ciggarette and kept it pushing. 2nd day... Well me and my mom got into huge arguement, I retaliated more than usual.  The fact that I was drinking previous to her coming home, possibly.. This was apart of the reason why I was all fired up & ready for the verbal war. I usually let her have the last word. Last night there was no way in hell. I feel if someone demands respect from you, its required that they avidly dish it. Yeah so I went in on her, I was tired of feeling jaded.Then we ended up going shopping. I found some amazing deals, 40% off plus an additional 25% off clearance! Girl, I was feeling good. Bet you cant Guess where I was shopping.?;P

To my delight I wear size 9 in jeans yayy.. Not double digits. Winter quarter starts soon. I went ahead and bought size 7, for incentive purposes of course. Music is the antidote to the anxiety I commonly feel. Mentally, I dramatize circumstances or specifically restricting food. Theres a slight crutch I find in calories. Its okay baby, ive made my decision.

"Fear of success. Beyond ancient 2011."


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