Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Living forever.

I carry many racing thoughts in my mind. I want skinny, I fucking NEED it. This is a random, unplanned or unperfected vent of mine. Well yes all my blogs are but this one was completely by accident. I want.. What else could I want?

Then ill be all over the world, living outside the constraints of restricted incomes. That is what I was born to be. A legacy. I know it. The frequency is so evident, as long as I dont stop the flow. Dont stop the flow.. Mmm kinda makes me feel frisky;) 

When is the right time to get loose? When do you know, do I want to really be in love.. Right now? In this time, when im so young and guys are so lost. I dont know everything, but I know exactly what shit I dont like. Bodies bodies... Uniquely fine. Im no whore, but I dont hate them either... Ha ha hoe just as long as you dont cross me.

I think im looking to get in trouble.  "you can bet that, never got to sweat that". Miguel-sure thing

Wtf maan... Im sober. Lol I seriously make myself laugh constantly.
If your open, I always am. I try to be transparent. I guess sometimes I cover personal things because some people are just supercillious bitches, but I dont want that. I want Freedom from who I think have to be. I want to be who ive always felt creeping beneath this damn skin. Causing an inherit continual development of this authentic being.
I have to fall in love with the taste of fear.

"Girl I want to be the one, be the one to kiss you goodnight"- lloyd, be the one

"Drinking alazhe without cereal for breakfast.." -the weeknd, the morning

I dont want to hurt anyone, I just want to have fun..
What did you say?
Umm.. I love you too?

I feel odd about relationships. I love, I have passion, im just not sure if ill stay around. Ive hurt. Hurt people hurt people.. The truth I came to find in this life. Im recovered, but will I trust again? The question.

I dont believe in wasting time. ON LAME ASS MOFOS.

Thanks, I think im finnished.

Skinny til the end.
Skinny you+skinny me= living in the sky

Watch "The Weeknd - The Party & The After Party" on YouTube

Watch "SBTRKT - Wildfire" on YouTube

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