Friday, December 30, 2011

A little give and take.

SY+SM=<3 dia tres;

Im tired! Idk if I can say that enough but thats how I feel. With how much im sweating I must be detoxing some of those toxins from my body. Intake went very well: 575 cals, and I sweated out a good 895 cals. One hour and half of cardio a day will do this body good:)

But today I felt fat, what I saw was my thighs busting out and jiggling. I got bloated after I ate. I proceeded to try on my clothes I bought for school and.. Lol it was not cute.Freaking tummy fat, bloat, fat all over my body.. I just hate fat so much. I also bloat easily because I have a problem with being regular. Fiber and flax seed is supposed to fix number two issues, but with me I swear im just plugged up. Plus in order to loose weight, letting go what comes in is mandatory. I dont think laxatives are that great for you even though they do work. I just want to clean my pipes out every morning, damnit!  Any tips?

Today was a good day regardless, I just really want to loose this weight. I dont know how to dress this body I have now. Its hard to find clothes for all these curves, leaps and bonds of flesh. Lol but really! Shiit is difficult. But this is only temporary, I wont struggle with my wardrobe forever. God knows I wont, I BE DAMNED!

On to more joyful things, I really enjoyed reading your guys blogs. Improvements all over the place. And tremendous thanks to all you beautiful people for commenting. Your positivity replenishes my own optimistic outlook. I journaled about that today, you have to surround yourself with things and people that bring forth good energy. So thank you for the love, today was most defintely one of those days when I needed it. But I do have to say my collarbones are faintly poking through:) I used to have an epic clavical (spelling?) area. Im excited for those along with other bones to be visible.

We are going to be amazing next year! Keep believing, keep the faith<3

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  1. there are very few foods that help me be regular: 1) coffee. laxative. 4-6 cups a day. i find myself going every time i eat this way. pretty much. tea is a diuretic if you need that too 2) oatmeal. i am pretty regular when i have it. 3) cereal. especially high-fibre ones *most cereals already have a percentage of fibre* 4) carrots and lemon on carrots especially, lemon on anything. lemon is a diuretic but still...i think it helps somehow in the digestion process as well? eh? <3 it's always helped me when i had a load of veggies full of lemon. especially a carrot/cucumber salad. plus, it's very low calorie (for an ENDLESS bowl, i'm talking 150-ish calories).
    -Sam Lupin

  2. Laxative aren't that great for you but when I took them I lost a lot of weight and was getting rid of stuff everyday. I did some more research on it and apparently it makes you lose water weight and not fat. So not the best thing to use to get rid of fat and it also buggers up your intestines if you take them for a lone time too.

    I have some ideas for cloths. I don't know if you feel the same way about your body but alot of people have said that I have skinny legs. So much so that I believe them and I'm quite proud of them. I still have all this fat around my middle though so I usually wear skin tight jeans and baggy shirts, sweaters to distract from my fatness. If you're the same way then you could try this. :)

    Yes it will be amazing in 2012! <3

  3. heya girl, I found your blog through a blog through a blog...a long list of blogs!

    I took laxies for a bit. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. Everyone warned me about them and I didn't listen. I totally should have listened! It is a totally miserable experience but highly addictive. The feeling of being utterly empty is amazing.

    But laxies don't get rid of fat, you still absorb calories. Still, it does clean out your pipes. If you are going to do them, I'd take the recommended dose and no more. Especially at the start.

    By the way hun, I'm now following your awesome blog! Pop by mine sometime and we can be anabuddies.

  4. Awesome intake :) I hate my stomach right now. It's so...BIG. UGH! I can't wait until I'm down to 130. At least then I'm the same weight as A, my not-so-friendly-friend, lol. Stay strong <3