Monday, December 26, 2011

La Familia

After I purged, in walks my mom. My eyes are blood shot, but I was washing the dishes. I dont want her to notice of course she doesnt. I ate some ice cream before she came home. Mom checks the freezer to let me know the lid isnt on ice cream right. To my delight, of course she noticed. Mom: Who ate ice cream.. Anavida: Oh I did. In walks B. 

B: Anavida, what did you eat today? Anavida: Oh umm, some steamed veggies, turkey.. Some ice cream.    B: Anavida thats where you fucked up. Did you workout today? Anavida;No, not yet. B: You need to tone up your thighs. Mom starts busting out lunges. Mom: I havent eaten all day. Thats great mom. Thats great. B: you know that dad wants you to be skinny. Anavida: yeah I know.

This literally happened. I have mixed feelings. I usually feel bad about myself, but ive decided to change my thinking. They want for me what I want for myself. I should be happy my family has such expectations. I should show them I can be strong and skinny. I need a tougher skin so ive been told. I believe it. My moms slight competition towards me is a blessing in disguise. I will win. I will be skinny. I will prove to them how discplined I truly am. The most important thing in mi familia is to look your best, be skinny because one person represents all of us.

Im rebelious. But in this Ive decided to give in. For once I will have their approval and perhaps their envy.. Bye guys going out to sweat it out <3

The pressure to be thin should be MOTIVATION. Society wasnt wrong for once.


  1. Use that pressure to your advantage! I wish my family were like that. Instead, my mum believes that everyone should be as fat as her, I swear. Even when I'm eating healthily she gets annoyed. She doesn't believe that a salad is a decent meal.
    Use it as motivation, and show them how strong you are! You can do it, honey <3

  2. I honestly need thicker skin too. Everybody at my house with the exception of my brother is really health oriented. In our basement we have a room dedicated to exercise and I always go down there when nobody else is there because I hate getting pointers and tips from my parents.

    And your parents seeing you after you purge...that is one of the most uncomfortable things ever.

    You're right, the pressure to be thin should be motivation. You have to be motivated to want it for yourself before anything. Keep up the good work pretty lady :)

  3. I feel bad for you.
    I mean it must be hard for you to do this when there's so mush pressure you on.
    But it's wonderful that you took it the positive way. I mean if were you, I would have broke down or something.
    Stay strong