Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gotta start with a fart.

I learned on Dr.Oz that gasiness happens when people eat too fast. Its already crappy that everyone has to shit (no pun intended), but dropping bombs everywhere is apparently unnecessary. Which excites me, because shit happens and sometimes I have those sneak farts which are damn ridiculous. Im tired of it, and I noticed this was happening frequently while I was gaining weight. CW: dont want to say it but... Well its my fault, 175lbs. Oohh good God gross. Imagine how I feel right this second. I knew I had to find some support and start this blog to get out the negatives, normals, and positives. Theres nothing I want more than a fellow ana to correspond with and encourage. Kill the farts ladies and stop eating so damn fast! (more so spoken to myself) Remember: always be concious of the food your intaking, have a drink close by (preferably ice cold water with lemon), and SLOWLY chew your food. Your brain has to catch up to your growling stomach. I find having coffee before I eat helps to kill that ravenous hunger. If necessary go with decaf, but lets face it ladies were fatigued alot of the damn time so keep it real with the caffeine in some form.  I feel like my thoughts are breathing on this basically tangible internet. Im excited, hopeful for my skinny future. Ive made my decision! Hit me up, im game for convo<3

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