Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Getting down with the sickness.

Honesty right in the eye ball: truth. Im gladly anticipating the days when ill complain about 100ish lbs and still not feeling skinny in my mind. Everybody's bodies are different, im almost 5'5 with long limbs which makes me look taller. 115 would look amazing on me, im go try to remember that once I reach it. I would have worked so hard.. the pain we maintain gives external confirmation of continual effort.

When I see skinny bitches, im like, "you go girl." Im not the jealous type, I praise those who accomplish things others havent. All this means is that they tried damn harder than most lazy mofos like myself.. Unforunately I let my body slip. People were hating on it. They expected me to fail. I let myself down by succumbing. Ive never had people not like me, so I found it beyond uncomfortable when people were plain caddy and rude. Why bitch? Cause I chose to do better, ahh come off it. Its cool im on my Jayz&Kanye West," you are now watching the throne, dont let me enter my zone." Im 21 now and Im taking back all the power I used to invest in others opinions. I love myself first and ana belongs to me. Today marks the start of a 4 day fast to shrink my stomach. Plus im going shopping soon it would be nice to have whatever size I am now, maybe a 10, fit decently. Im going to flip if im a 12.. ahh helll no.


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